A letter from our founder – the crisis in Ukraine and our commitment

Things have escalated to a critical point in Ukraine, where many of our team members live and have families. We want to assure you that we are keeping a close watch on how events unfold, and are in constant communication with our team in Kyiv. We have a crisis protocol in place, and are working to evacuate all our team members who want to leave, along with their families. We are also doing everything we can to support the needs of those who have chosen to stay. Many Ukrainian team members have told us that there is not much for them to do, and being able to work is helping them maintain a sense of normalcy. 

We are committed to helping our employees, and their families, and are offering support to them in every way we can. Should you want to join our relief efforts and make a donation, we’ve included a few organizations below, which members of our team in Ukraine recommend:

*Please note that our operations are distributed across multiple locations worldwide and we believe our customers should not see significant, if any, interruption in service.

Thank you,

Robb Wilson

Founder + Lead Designer and Chief  Technologist, OneReach.ai

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We stand with Ukraine and our team members from Ukraine.

Here are ways you can help