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72% of business execs believe AI will be the business advantage of the future.

Technology is great at interrupting the everyday norm, especially when it comes to business. But perhaps no other sector of business is in greater need of reinvention than management, which is tasked with the bulk of a company’s work.

In order to keep up with the demand, management teams are finding creative ways to implement AI, optimizing processes and making better use of their limited time. And, according to a Digital IQ survey done recently, it’s not just some management teams strategizing with AI, it’s more than half.

54% of business executives making “substantial investments” in AI today, and that number is only predicted to continue its rapid growth trend.

Among the AI innovations these execs are most excited to take advantage of are:

The ability to have full-time virtual personal assistants (31%)
Automating data analysis (29%)
Automating email communication and utilizing chatbots (28%)

By freeing up their time by allowing AI to take care of the most repetitive tasks, management executives can focus more on big ideas, helping their companies grow more rapidly and efficiently.

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