Screen Pops–Listen With Your Eyes

Meet the caller ID of the 21st century: the screen pop. A screen pop is exactly what you’d think it is—a notification that appears on your screen when someone calls you. Despite its simple name, it’s actually a pretty advanced technology. Instead of just displaying a caller’s name, screen pops can draw from software you’re […]

10 Things To Consider When Text-Enabling Your Contact Center

The following provides a rough outline of what needs to be considered when implementing text messaging services in a contact center or business. While some of these items may seem daunting they can actually be completed pretty quickly depending on the size and scope of the implementation.

SMS Automation: Reach Out and Text Someone

Texting automation is the latest development in contact center technology. Also known as Interactive Text Response (ITR), SMS (short message service or “texting”) automation is part of an integrated phone technology platform which supports multiple channel communication. This system is designed specifically to improve the call center experience by managing customer problems in a quick […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Contact Center Terminology

Learning contact center terminology is like learning a new language: there are a lot of basic terms you need to master to carry out a conversation. That can be pretty tough to do if you’re mixing up your KPIs and APIs, but luckily, OneReach has got your back. Here are definitions to some of the […]

Measure Like Galileo: 5 Steps to Effective Contact Center Metrics

The scientist Galileo is credited with saying, “Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.” Many contact centers are great at this, or at least the first part of this. They love to measure, measure, measure. And yes, metrics have been created for pretty much everything, from average handle time to transfer […]