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Morgan Stanley’s Chief Analytics and Data Officer, Jeff McMillan, Shares the Keys to Successful AI Adoption

“We’ve effectively created [..] the most advanced intelligent assistant in financial services. It’s completely trained on Morgan Stanley’s information. ” – Jeff McMillan On a recent episode of Invisible Machines, OneReach.ai CEO and co-founder Robb Wilson, and Director of Creative Content Josh Tyson had a conversation with Jeff McMillan, Chief Analytics and Data Officer at […]

The Critical Components of Organizational AGI

Gartner’s IT Symposium is always a welcome opportunity to engage with the community of technology leaders. The recent explosion of generative AI technology has pushed that community to grow significantly since last year’s Symposium. There was much to discuss, and the conversations we had over the course of four days in Orlando made it clear […]

Generative AI, Point Solutions, Platforms, and Hyperglue

Generative AI led by ChatGPT stirred the general public’s interest in the technologies surrounding hyperautomation, sending the race toward adoption into overdrive. This has added to a glut of point solutions to the marketplace that promise to deliver on the power of these technologies. There are the GPT-enabled tools popping up like crabgrass. There are […]

“Age of Invisible Machines” Hit #1 New Release in Information Management on Amazon

OneReach.ai founder Robb Wilson is a UX pioneer with more than 20 years of experience working in design and technology. He has many useful thoughts about many things—conversational AI in particular. Some of those thoughts have been collected in his book from Wiley, Age of Invisible Machines: A Practical Guide to Growing a Hyperautomated Ecosystem of Intelligent […]

We stand with Ukraine. Here are ways you can help.

We stand with the people of Ukraine, and our team members from Ukraine who helped us create the highest-ranking process-automation platform in the world. If you are looking for ways to help Ukrainians, UX Magazine has assembled a list of ways to help by taking action and making donations. Everyone can find a way to […]

A letter from our founder – the crisis in Ukraine and our commitment

Things have escalated to a critical point in Ukraine, where many of our team members live and have families. We want to assure you that we are keeping a close watch on how events unfold, and are in constant communication with our team in Kyiv. We have a crisis protocol in place, and are working […]

Hyperautomation: This Is Urgent

Disruptive automation isn’t created randomly or in disconnected ways, it’s part of a vision for an ecosystem of automation technologies working in concert and sharing resources. A company operating with hyperautomation at its core can create a force-multiplier effect that rapidly produces insurmountable competitive edge. After just four years in business, Ant Financial Group [insert […]

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