Chipotle’s Text for Burritos Campaign Doesn’t Quite Go As Planned

On Monday, Chipotle chains nationwide shut down their stores during the lunch hour to address the company’s recent health concerns. But, in an effort to make up for the company’s lost time, Chipotle offered what most people will never turn down–free food.

By texting 888-222 on Monday before 6pm EST, customers could receive an SMS with a link with directions for redeeming their free burrito. Once they shared their personal information, they’d be sent a link in 10 days time with a QR code for cashiers to scan.

Unbeknownst to me, I texted outside of the predetermined free burrito window, so no burritos for me. But I wasn’t alone–some other customers who tried to text Chipotle didn’t get quite what they expected. By tacking on an extra 2 at the end of Chipotle’s short code, they inadvertently contacted technology attorney Henry Levine. (Find out more about Henry’s story here).

We’ve talked at length about how texting is a great channel to engage with customers, and Chipotle did an awesome job of allowing customers to communicate with them quickly and easily through automation. The only thing that remains for them to do, should they decide to do so, is follow up with the customers that accidentally texted Henry.

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Image of Chipotle Mexican Grill by Flickr user Mike Mozart. CC2.0 License.

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