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What you’ll get out of this course

Your time is worth a lot. As the technologies surrounding conversational AI continue to evolve, interest around AI agents has spiked. AI agents represent a powerful force multiplier for businesses. But there’s so much talk out there. What you need is hands-on action. Lets get you up to speed and start building.


Take this three-day course to: 

AI agents don’t have actual agency unless they can collaborate with other AI agents and humans across departments.


AI agents should have kills that can be shared and reused by multiple AI agents in other departments within your organization. For example, the core functionalities of a scheduling AI agent that polls people for their availability could also be used by an AI agent gathering feedback around employee satisfaction.


Learn what it takes to establish and grow the ecosystem you need to support this. 

Using orchestration platforms, you’ll design and deploy your own AI agents that are specific to your company needs.

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  • Proof of purchasing required reading for this course gets you 30 days access to the only AI agent orchestration platform named a leader by all top analyst firms (Gartner, Forrester, IDC)!
  • Access to extended office hours with instructors beyond the course-dates 

Who should take this coursE?

This hands-on course is ideal for those working on conversational AI or aiming to advance their team in the AI revolution.


We’ve seen a rapid influx in interest in this course from teams and individuals with a variety of backgrounds, including:

  • Software developers
  • Data scientists
  • Business operators
  • Group leaders
  • Tech-forward productivity hackers

People are drawn to our industry because they recognize the transformative potential of these emerging technologies. Leaders and change-makers understand that mastering these tools is crucial for:

  • Reimagining how their teams operate
  • Implementing innovative work processes
  • Maintaining a competitive edge in their respective markets

By acquiring fundamental knowledge in these cutting-edge technologies, professionals are positioning themselves and their organizations to lead with a significant advantage in an increasingly tech-driven business landscape.

Why this course works so well

Now available to the public for the first time
  • Course materials taught at Frog Design, IDEO, the University of Oxford, and various global firms. including PepsiCo, Deloitte and PWC.
  • Developed with bestselling author and conversational AI pioneer Robb Wilson, and neurolinguistics professor Dr. Daniel Lametti (Acadia/Oxford/University College, London)
  • Offers decades of expertise in conversational AI combined with practical skills and tools for accelerating AI agent deployment.
  • Provides strategies gleaned from thousands of enterprise AI deployments built on a platform which, like Siri, traces its roots back to a DARPA initiative.
No armchair experts teach this course.
  • Learn directly from industry leaders with extensive experience in conversational AI,
    • Bestselling authors on AI
    • Practitioners of hundred of enterprise AI deployments
    • Top university professors
    • Product designers showcased by Apple at WWDC
  • This course includes creating a custom AI agent that will impress your team
  • You’ll accelerate your familiarity with best practices
  • You’ll build your AI Agent using the only AI orchestration platform named a leader by all top analyst firms, including Gartner, Forrester, and IDC.
  • Enhance your understanding of neurolinguistics; how humans learn and use language
  • Adopt a systems-thinking approach to advancing your company’s AI adoption.

OneReach.ai CEO and co-founder Robb Wilson envisioned the moment we’re in with generative AI and AI agents in the pages of his bestselling book, “Age of Invisible Machines” (Wiley, 2022).


In the the Invisible Machines podcast with UX Magazine, the number one conversational AI podcast, Robb and co-author Josh Tyson share an in-depth conversation about AI agents as well as a live demo of AI agents swarming on a complex scheduling task with OneReach.ai Lead Experience Architect, Annie Harshberger.

With or without this course, your team needs an IDW

As shown in the episode of Invisible Machines above, Intelligent Digital Workers (or, IDWs) orchestrate collections of Al agent skills and data that swarm to get real work done at scale, across entire organizations.


In this course you’ll learn how to  orchestrate technologies like generative Al to create conversational experiences on any channel, in any language. 


IDWs can be created in minutes. Experience what we mean in our interactive playground.

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