Fast Company | Apollo 13 Teaches Leadership Lessons for Times of Crisis

While governments, NGO’s and companies have long used to create various AI-powered crisis management solutions, it’s a new experience to need to urgently create a Crisis Tools webpage to help companies quickly connect with practical, immediate solutions for triaging customer and staff requests. There’s a lot of this kind of urgency and good faith effort going around right now, and rightfully so.

The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 13 near-tragedy reminds us how swift, strategic, decisive decisions and actions can help during times of crisis. It comes at a relevant time, as governments and leaders across the globe are faced with difficult decisions to make that will have a major impact on our future.

In a recent Fast Company article, Jonathan Magid and Will Busch III explore some lessons gleaned from Apollo 13. When the spacecraft’s oxygen tank exploded almost 56 hours into their mission, NASA had to make quick decisions to keep the crew alive. Magid and Busch recommend that organizations take, “a much broader perspective, focusing with laser precision on their distinct and most critical responsibilities–to both their people and organizations–and their unique ability to set a course that could save lives and livelihoods.”

Their main recommendations are prioritize, audit and delegate. Doing these three things well was key to saving the Apollo 13 crew, and it could be the key for organizations struggling to make decisions that will have an impact on their staff.

Using digital tools can help companies quickly delegate and communicate. has seen an influx of companies aggressively stepping up their employment of digital tools. See our Crisis Tools page to learn about how we have responded to the companies asking for help. Automation of tasks and communications could help your company respond better in times of crisis.

The article concludes:

“We are living in times without precedent and the stakes for organizations are impossibly high. Like Apollo 13, leaders might have only one shot at getting their strategy and execution right, but with a ruthless focus on top priorities, strategic assessment and utilization of assets, and trust in teams, leaders have a chance of succeeding in their mission.”

Read the full article on Fast Company.

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