Fast Company | Digital Tools to Mitigate the Coronavirus Crisis

In a recent article on Fast Company, Dr. Tzvi Doron shares his insight on how digital tools can help mitigate the coronavirus crisis. He says,

“The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, both in our ability to treat and handle it.”

The World Health Organization and others are also stepping it up and taking advantage of digital tools to communicate with people. Dr. Doron suggests that telehealth could help flatten the curve and give doctors the time and resources they need to treat as many people as possible. Telehealth allows people who think they’re experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to talk to doctors, nurses, and PAs and get triaged from their homes. Dr. Doron says,

“This can free up physicians’ time to deal with those who are most ill, and it can also decrease their risk of infection and exhaustion. The CDC has called on medical providers to expand their use of telehealth services to help triage the sick and reduce in-person contact with those infected with COVID-19.”

It may be important to take advantage of digital tools to help reduce the number of people going to hospitals. Dr. Doron encourages more companies and governments to turn to telehealth to decrease the likelihood of overwhelming our healthcare system.

Read the full article on Fast Company.

The World Health Organization, healthcare providers, and others are stepping it up to employ digital tools to help with triaging the massive influx of people reaching out. As part of the response to healthcare companies reaching out for help, we created a new template, IDW-5 – an Intelligent Digital Worker that within one hour can be operational and ready to start triaging portions of inbound requests 24/7, over phone, SMS, rich web chat, mobile app, and email.

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