Forbes | The 10 Best Free Online AI And ML Courses For 2020

Demand for AI and ML knowledge and skills have exponentially increased recently, but supply of courses, certifications and learning programs is not yet up to par. Forbes shared some useful, free resources that may be helpful whether you’re just getting started or looking to boost your career in AI.

Forbes’ list includes everything from basic courses about AI to in-depth resources to help you learn the concepts that drive AI. For example, Elements of AI, from Helsinki University, is an intro-level class made for anyone who wants to understand what AI is, how it could affect them, and what it is used for. Their list also includes Machine Learning from Stanford University, which is often cited by experts as the most important online course for people wanting to learn AI.

Read Forbes’ list.

It’s not surprising to see that most of these courses focused on the fundamentals and the specific technology behind AI. Like the broader conversation surrounding AI, much of today’s courses are technology-focused, more or less leaving you to figure out how to create great experiences that drive adoption.

Whether your solutions are adopted or not is what most often defines success, and this is especially true for conversational AI. More materials and courses that focus on designing successful conversational experiences are starting to show up, but they are still few in number. Here are some that might be helpful:

The Conversational Academy

This online course helps you to become a Certified Conversation Designer. It traverses the technical and creative skills needed to create good conversational experiences.

A Book Apart: Conversational Design

In this book, Erika Hall describes the human interface and provides insight on why it is the best model for creating more human-centered design.

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