Texting Happy

I Want to Text Your Company

I initially didn’t want anything to do with texting. I had seen enough text-zombie teens and didn’t want to get infected by their thumb-mashing virus.

55% of 18-29 year-olds prefer texting over phone calls

(source: Pew Internet)

Turns out they were smarter than I gave them credit for. Texting is now an indispensable channel of communication for me. It’s the perfect tool for short, utilitarian messages.

  • What time are the neighbors coming over for dinner?
  • Don’t forget to put the trash out tomorrow
  • Wish you were here with me: https://tinyurl.com/o9bw35k

So now that I can’t live without texting, I am seriously perplexed as to why businesses aren’t hip to it. Think of the possibilities:

  • I text info to your number: “We are open today from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM and located at 1062 Delaware Street, Denver, CO
  • I text flight status: “Your flight to Portland, OR today is on schedule to depart at 2:15 PM
  • What about a reminder? “Hey Jeremy, we’re looking forward to meeting with you tomorrow at 10:30 AM. Will you still be able to make it?

Granted, most companies get the basic phone system and call it done, thinking that Sms-based conversations are out of their price range. But it’s a swiftly changing world, and texting a business is not only an affordable option, it’s eventually going to be as normal as businesses using social media.

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