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Conversational AI: Go Beyond Chatbots with Intelligent Customer and Employee Experiences

Most people/companies have a common problem – they don’t have enough of the important conversations. But it’s not because they need more tools for creative problem-solving conversations – they need more time.  

Tools that help automate lower-level, mundane conversations give you more time. That’s why we built a no-code/low-code conversational AI platform, and that’s why MuleSoft asked us to explore how to automate tasks and free up more time with them in this webinar. 

Through a complete set of no-code tools, any person or company can operationalize AI to automate lower-level conversations and free more time for important creative problem-solving conversations, internally or with customers.

This webinar attempted to go around the chatbot hype. With conversational AI, customers and employees can get the answers they need fast, helping to reduce time spent on low-level conversations so that we can spend more time on the important stuff. It’s more than simple “if-then” logic; it incorporates natural language to make human-to-machine conversations more like human-to-human ones. The result? Increased employee and customer engagement, continued trust and reliability in your business, and the ability to free up your best thinkers and doers from repetitive conversations to become more productive than ever before.


Quick Summary Video:



Watch webinar recording to learn how to:
– Automatically parse data, intent, and tasks from customer interactions using the power combined with Mulesoft’s of Anypoint Platform
– Build task-specific, channel-agnostic experiences by integrating data from systems and channels like Slack, SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.
– Retool your team for operational efficiency by automating the known, handing off the unknown, and more.

Presented by:
Kevin Fredrick, Managing Partner,
Gagan Kanwar, Director of Business Development, MuleSoft
Vishnu Samavedula, Senior Solution Engineer, MuleSoft

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