The Critical Components of Organizational AGI

Gartner’s IT Symposium is always a welcome opportunity to engage with the community of technology leaders. The recent explosion of generative AI technology has pushed that community to grow significantly since last year’s Symposium. There was much to discuss, and the conversations we had over the course of four days in Orlando made it clear […]

Using Hyperglue to Heal Broken Organizations

The rapid rise of generative AI has not only heated up the race towards adoption, it’s also exposed just how hard it will be for most organizations to achieve the systemic changes proper adoption will require.  Put bluntly,  inside most organizations lots of things are broken. Technology isn’t working in ways that are even remotely […]

HUMANS, Coffee in Tech: Two Years of Innovation and Community Impact

We’re celebrating an exciting milestone with the two-year anniversary of HUMANS, Coffee in Tech, a distinctive café nestled on the first floor of the European headquarters in Kyiv.  HUMANS is operating at the forefront by reimagining traditional business structures. Here, baristas have direct access to our platform for crafting conversational automations. Led by the […]

Combining NLP and NLU to Deliver Real ROI

There’s a common misconception in the marketplace that conversational AI basically comes down to people talking to machines. For anyone eager to capitalize on the opportunities conversational AI affords, this is a dangerous line of thinking. Part of the confusion arises from a fundamental misunderstanding of the technologies that allow machines to understand human language, […]