Navigating the Customer Experience with Journey Maps

How can you provide the best customer experience without knowing your customer? Short answer: you can’t.┬áLuckily, you have tools that can guide you on your way to provide the best customer experience, like the journey map.

Journey maps help companies identify what tasks a customer wants to accomplish, what the emotional highs and lows of their journey are, and the best way to help them accomplish their goals.

OneReach’s Lance Christmann explains how journey maps might be used in the contact center in his ICMI article:

When used to analyze the phone channel, a journey map shows what tasks customers wants to carry out with IVR vs. what they want to carry out with an agent. It also shows what tasks they want to accomplish through text messaging ITR or text chat–this helps the contact center redesign the IVR to handle tasks potentially overlooked previously. Finally, the journey map shows what tasks started on one channel (i.e. web) and carried over to another (i.e. phone).

Take a look at the rest of the article here, and don’t forget to download our free Harris interactive report to learn more about how customer want service delivered.

Photo by Flickr user Loren Kerns.

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