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An Innovative Recruiter-Bot

MARCH 8, 2018 –

The ability to get the right person for the job is, after all, what outsourcing companies like 24-7 Intouch are all about. Fail to get this part right and the game’s over.


Every company is looking for a way to reduce their costs so that they can add more profit to their bottom line. The most effective and time-proven strategy for growth, businesses are faced with a myriad of choices to accomplish this goal, some of which are met with great applause, and others that are done quietly in dark conference rooms so as not to arouse suspicion.

Thankfully, staying away from the latter, and the often cut corners and shady deals that come with it, is easier now thanks to innovative technology that is giving companies an opportunity to dramatically cut operations costs while simultaneously boosting results.

Say hello to the Recruiter Bot, a pioneering chat bot that automates talent recruiting and screening with the help of SMS and voice technology, while also facilitating the interview and hiring process. Capable of easing the burden of hiring, the Recruiter Bot can actually screen candidates, helping to find the right talent that is appropriate for the position, which means a better experience for the user on both ends.


With over 10,000 employees, 24-7 Intouch Inc is a behemoth of a company, providing services for clients, ranging from small, midsize, and enterprise-level business, looking to outsource work as a smart solution for their operations. Using a multichannel contact center and with locations in Canada, the United States, Guatemala, the Philippines, and Jamaica, 27-7 Intouch works across diverse industries, which means that their needs are, of course, incredibly diverse as well.

In order to increase customer satisfaction, 24-7 Intouch Inc, and other BPO companies in similarly diverse situations, need to find a way to boost engagement without committing more of their time to playing phone tag or following up with prospective candidates that don’t really fit the bill.

The irony of call center representatives recruitinghiring other call center representatives is just the beginning.

The ability to get the right person for the job is, after all, what outsourcing companies like 24-7 Intouch are all about. Fail to get this part right and the game’s over.


As a particularly innovative BPO, 24-7 Intouch has a discovered a way to build strategic, successful partnerships, and all without cutting into their bottom line. In fact, since this innovation, 24-7 Intouch has actually seen more success, increasing both their growth and their reputation.

Using an AI-driven chatbot, fondly known as the Recruiter Bot, 24-7 Intouch has created a way to “botsource” their contact centers, giving them the ability to process leads, find matches, and satisfy customer requests faster and more affordably than ever. Thanks to the nature of chatbots, this type of technology provides an exponential way to boost efficiency, setting up automated systems that not only reduce work for contact center representatives, but that can also do a better job with certain aspects of the process.

With the help of their Recruiter Bots, 24-7 Intouch is boosting efficiency and success, acquiring better talent while also seeing retention number increase. This chatbot is given the task of regularly contacting prospective talent and candidates, setting up interviews and, once the interview is complete, moving them through the next phases of the hiring process.

Capable of aligning a candidate’s skills with the job that is best suited for them, these bots also handle scheduling, automatically setting everything up from start to finish.

Thrilled with the results they are seeing, 24-7 Intouch has already found a way to stay ahead of potential issues with their new bot, creating a way for their Recruiter Bot to seamlessly connect candidates to live agents, all while providing the context of the discussion so that there is no need for people to repeat themselves.

What Comes Next

As the idea of Recruiter Bots begin to take hold in the corporate world, we can prepare for some massive changes in the area of both hiring and being hired.

For example, this type of AI-driven bot could be capable of monitoring a potential candidate’s profile on sites like Linked In, gathering information that is helpful to the process, all without requiring a live recruiter to “dig” online for facts.

And, if the Recruiter Bot finds a match?

Prepare for automatic inbox messages, calls, and SMS alerting you, the candidate, of a potential (and perfect) position.


Let the Recruiter Bot take all of your information, preparing it for review and submitting it for you, which means that all you have to do is wait for an interview.

On the business side of this, one thing is very clear: Recruiter bots will not only reduce your costs, but they will find you better candidates and faster, too.

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