Thanks to This Bot, You’re One Step Closer to a Domino’s Pizza Delivery

MARCH 8, 2018 –

With over 14,000 pizza restaurants in more than 85 countries, Domino’s knows a thing or two about customer service. Delivering over 1.5 million pizzas every day to its hungry customers, it makes sense that this behemoth of a food-chain would be one of the first to leverage bots to deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction – and pizza, of course.

Once believed to be a risky move in terms of customer satisfaction, today more and more companies, not just Domino’s, are showing how automation can elevate, not detract, from white-glove customer service. And, since it can be done for less cost than other less-effective methods, companies willing to embrace AI are experiencing greater profitability, too.

All of this positivity, from increased satisfaction to higher profitability, creates a ripple effect, a feedback loop that keeps everyone happy.

In the case of Domino’s, Nick Dutch, the company’s Head of Marketing, saw an opportunity to leverage chatbot automation to pioneer the way its customers not only order pizza, but also how they interact with the delivery process itself. Known as Dom, Domino’s chatbot enables customers to order by simply messaging “PIZZA” though Facebook Messenger. Although a bit clunky in its first iterations (customers were required to set up profiles on the website and set pre-order settings in order for Dom to get everything right), Dom has gotten much smarter, connecting payment gateways that are capable of accessing the entire menu, and all without leaving Facebook’s Messenger app. And, since Dom has enrolled in some language classes, the chatbot can now communicate with Amazon Echo, Twitter, Smart Watches, and more, helping it live up to its tagline: “An artificially intelligent customer whiz designed to help superfans get their No. 1 fix of cheesy food heaven.”

In addition to being able to easily order pizza, Dom keeps Domino’s customers in the loop, allowing them to know exactly when their order has been received, created, and when it’s on its way to their home. While some might see this as an excessive topping, Domino’s has witnessed the opposite: customers like this level of interaction. Not only has Dom’s notifications upped customer satisfaction, but they have increased the tips Domino’s drivers receive, which then add to employee satisfaction.

A smart way to increase customer and employee satisfaction while adding to the company’s bottom line, Dom, and chatbots like him, are showing they are a valuable asset, and not just for delivering pizza – although, they’ll do that, too.

“An artificially intelligent customer whiz designed to help superfans get their No. 1 fix of cheesy food heaven”

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