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MARCH 8, 2018 –

Teaming Up to End Mid-Game Beer Runs

The third quarter is about to begin. Your team is down by three but they just intercepted a pass, much to the dismay of your “friend” who came over to watch the game. You reach into the cooler, ready to gloat about the play, only to discover that your hand is finding nothing but ice.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, at the bottom of the cooler fumbling for that beer that will get us through the next quarter. Left with the decision to pause the game (and risk hearing about the touchdown to end all touchdowns in line at the store) or to go beer-less for the entire second half, we’re in a pickle, and, considering that we’re not baseball fans, isn’t fun no matter how you look at it.

Past  |  The NFL has, for decades, realized how important products are to their fans’ experience. Brady Kellogg, the Vice President of Corporate Partnerships for the Denver Broncos, understands this better than anyone, which is why he has been quoted saying, “We want to connect our fans to our partners’ products,” noting that “innovation” must be central to their strategy.

For many fans, the digital presence of both their NFL team and the products advertised comes across as impersonal, making them feel left out or, according to Kellogg, “displaced.”

The disconnect has created a loss of potential revenue and customer satisfaction, making it difficult to attract new corporations to partner with the NFL and its teams.

Present  |  A powerful trio is teaming up to solve this disconnect, making NFL games more enjoyable for fans who watch games from home. Drizly, Budlight, and the NFL saw the potential of using chatbots to deliver one very important game-day item: Beer.

Eliminating the need to go on beer runs during the game, which is not just annoying but potentially dangerous if fans have already had a few drinks, this combined effort from these three powerhouses delivers beer directly to fans at home, taking away that feeling of “displacement” and replacing it with a feeling of ice-cold satisfaction.

Budlight’s involvement in this chatbot-run beer delivery system has improved their bottom line and their brand reputation. By providing a remarkable service, they are encouraging NFL fans everywhere to talk. And nothing says “customer satisfaction” better than beer delivered straight to your door during the game.

Future  |  The innovative beer-delivery experience uses SMS chatbots to take orders, process payments, and initiate delivery, which means fans never have to leave their sofa. It’s a win-win for Budlight, the NFL, and the innovator, Drizly, behind it all.

Now that these big players have paved the way in game-time alcohol delivery, it’s just a matter of time before this type of delivery service is commonplace.

Imagine sitting getting home after a long day of work and, rather than needing to change and get back in the car to drive to the store to pick up drinks, all you have to do is ask Alexa to “get beer” and your favorite six-pack shows up on your doorstep before dinner.

As AI continues to progress, concerns, like age-verification for alcohol delivery, will become more seamless.

Want to set up an automatic delivery of a twelve-pack every time your NFL team is playing? No worries, this type of service is bound to be in the works. And, if it’s not, Budlight, are you listening?

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