POC. Virtual Assistant Orchestrates Several External NLU Engines.

DECEMBER 02, 2021 –

The evolution of the end user’s experience has an inverse relationship to the amount of orchestration required behind the scenes. Creating virtual assistants is really a matter of providing simplicity for users by finding ways to solve increasingly complex problems within your ecosystem.

Here are two practical examples of a concierge bot that can connect to multiple bots and external integrations to provide a seamless user experience. It can use one of the several external NLU engines — LUIS for HR and ServiceNow for IT, and an internal model created directly from the OneReach.ai account. The virtual assistant routes to the correct bot to handle the user’s question based on the highest confidence result.

In the first example, a user requested a password reset. In this case, first, the virtual assistant uses NLU from both LUIS and ServiceNow in order to give user the best response to their question. Then it tells the user what the best response is and which engine it came from, and since they need a password reset, it creates a ticket on ServiceNow so that the user can get the help they need.

You can see a similar virtual agent that connects with a live agent through ServiceNow. It creates transfer to a live agent where it can facilitate interaction between an agent and ServiceNow and a user on an RWC.

In the video below, we explained in more detail how this concierge bot is built and how all external integrations could orchestrate behind the great user experience.

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