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Who would have thought?

MARCH 8, 2018 –

Public company hires a bot that changes everything


And, as business grows, more and more call center agents are needed to handle requests and customer service issues. This growth needs to be supported by training, which is yet another large investment of time and money. Also, the process of training customer service reps is almost always turbulent, resulting in a loss of at least some potential customers.

But, without enough investment in either time or money, businesses set themselves up for failure. Dissatisfied customers won’t stick around long and, even worse, they are bound to share their experience online or at the water cooler the next day.

In order to prioritize customer service, companies are  faced with hiring customer service reps to manage calls No matter how you look at it, it’s expensive and hard to control.

Despite their efforts to update training procedures for customer service representatives, companies, both large and small, find themselves in a rock-and-hard-place situation. However, smart companies, those guided by pioneering thinkers that are unafraid to step way outside of the box, are innovating a new type of solution to the former customer service conundrum.

With the help of chatbots and artificial intelligence, companies, like one publicly-traded staffing firm, are giving themselves a third option, simultaneously deleting both the need to invest their own time and the cost to hire someone else.

By using customer service chatbots at call centers instead of representatives, this pioneering public company created a solution that allowed for greater customer satisfaction.

The ability to quickly pilot call center chatbots with little to no coding involved means that they are both easier to train and manage than their human counterparts, allowing them to take over the work at call centers across the country, and all without diminishing the overall customer experience.In fact, their chatbots have actually improved customer satisfaction.

The data collected by this public company  showed  that their customers were needing to get to a resolution faster than many of their human representatives could handle. By quickly iterating through pilots and training  their chatbots, however, they were able to give their customers the results they wanted, and faster than ever before.

Thanks to the overwhelming success of chatbot-run call centers,

more and more companies are looking at ways to use technology in innovative ways. The fact that chatbots can be quickly “trained” means that companies are able to iterate on the fly, testing new ideas and methods without the expensive risk of the past.Using chatbots to intake calls, directing them to appropriate representatives if and when it’s at all  necessary, allows companies to invest in more highly-trained employees, needing fewer to managed requests since chatbots can take on the bulk of the inquires.

But as AI technology continues to evolve and become more accessible, the sky really is the limit.

From taking payments to closing sales, pioneering leaders unafraid to try something new will quickly realize the value of chatbots, in the call center and in every aspect of their business

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