Using Conversational AI to Create Personalized Experiences for Workers

AUGUST 19, 2021 –

According to Deloitte’s 2020 Global Human Capital Trends study 80% of responders declare employee experience as important to their organization’s success. That is why organizations started focusing on designing work space for well-being.

This is an example of Luke’s on-boarding process in an hyperautomated company where the listed below capabilities of the conversational AI were used:

  • Onboarding Deadline Detection: the ability to monitor deadlines and remind people to take required actions.
  • Trigger Text Flow: the ability to recognize the channel a worker prefer to communicate through and interact via a wide range of channels.
  • Populate Buttons: the ability to present the options that are relevant and tailored for the worker based on specific circumstances and data.
  • Scheduling Information: the ability to schedule events and manage changes considering preferences of all participants.
  • Human in the Loop: the ability to involve humans to provide support when needed.


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