Single-Serve Software

If you haven’t already, imagine the freedom of letting single-use software tackle mundane, in-the-moment tasks? An event- based ecosystem that ties together threads of graphDB relationality, disposable code, and blockchain, could unleash this very thing. As we’ve already shown at, interconnected data and self-learning AI open the door to anticipating needs instead of reacting to human requests. This is where self-writing software comes in.

If your friend is having a birthday, a “smart” digital assistant would prompt you a week or two in advance and ask if you’d like to organize a party. It might even suggest the party type, based on your friends’ social feeds and messages. Utilizing simple conversational AI, it would say something like this:

“Looks like Frank is having a birthday next week. I know he likes tequila and tacos. Do you want me to schedule a get-togeth-
er at his favorite restaurant and invite his closest friends? I’ll create a program for you so you can track their responses and keep an eye on the restaurant reservation.”

A simple “yes” and the system would go to work making a reservation (with a special birthday request) and contacting Frank’s friends. Pulling on code in the blockchain, it would create a program to manage all of this, even throwing in recommendations for presents.

When the party’s over (a smash hit, by the way), the program would be filed in the blockchain for others to use. And you, busy with work, friends, and a relationship, would never have to code or plan a thing.

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