UX Magazine | Human-Centered Design Principles to Guide Leaders in a Crisis

Covid-19 has forced leaders into quick problem solving and decision making in uncertain times. These will be very important decisions that will likely have a long term impact on people across the globe, the economy, and how we are acting and transitioning in this phase.

In her recent article on UX Magazine, Sanskriti Ayyar describes how leaders can use human-centered design principles to make decisions in times of crisis. She says,

“In a world where we have no control over the pandemic and basic human needs of safety, social belonging, and financial security are threatened, success isn’t defined by traditional growth. Success is measured by how we ease the human experience of the crisis, making human-centered approaches to problem solving all the more relevant. Experience design (product and service design) prioritizes human goals as the foundation for generating solutions and looks to create the smoothest user journey in any scenario, including disruptions caused by a pandemic.”

Read the full article to see her recommendations for making human centered decisions.

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