Create software robots for talking to customers, automating company tasks and assisting employees.

What can you automate?

automate communications

Automate Communications

Answer calls and automate voice conversations, carry out communications over messaging channels like SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, and others.

Automate business processes

Automate business processes

Retrieve or update information in your CRM and other databases, create notifications triggered by events, set up payroll, create reminders, and much more.

Your next hire should be a bot.

While everyone is thinking about the future of AI, there are more practical use cases than most people realize.

Don’t miss out on use cases you can implement today to improve functions across your organization.

100 Simple Use Cases

Here’s a sample project plan of 100 use cases just in operations. There are use cases for every department.

Your next hire should be a bot.


Go beyond just automating what you do – use AI to improve how you do it.

CS2.0 is a no-code/low-code platform for building AI-powered conversations and automating tasks:

  • – Operate on preferred communication channels
  • – Access patterns for implementing best practices
  • – Tools for creating conversational applications and automating processes


Creating intelligently automated voice experiences is fast and easy with CS2.0.

Create AI-powered conversational applications to operate on your voice channels – toll-free numbers, local numbers, Amazon Echo, Skype, Whatsapp etc.

Bring your own voice provider, or get phone numbers and voice processing through

Creating intelligently automated SMS experiences is fast and easy with CS2.0.

Create AI-powered conversational SMS applications on your your company phone numbers – short-codes, toll-free numbers, local numbers, Whatsapp etc.

Bring your own phone numbers and your own SMS provider, or get numbers and SMS processing through

Creating intelligently automated email experiences is fast and easy with CS2.0.

Create AI-driven email experiences for anything from simple automated notifications through to complex, dynamic email conversations.

Slack + AI is transformative.

Creating intelligently automated Slack experiences is fast and easy with CS2.0.

Here’s a quick introduction to some of what’s possible and how it works.

Web chat + AI is is some next-level stuff.

Create intelligently automated web chat experiences that are rich with AI-powered dynamic functions like buttons, drop-downs and free-form text, image carousels, video and more.

Speed up time to deployment by looping in humans on your team, to step in when your web chat bots are stumped, and update their training in realtime.

CS2.0 is everything need you need to intelligently automate Facebook Messenger conversations.

Creating smart and dynamic facebook messenger bots is easy with CS2.0.

Automate responses to simple inquiries or create fully conversational bot experiences, that include rich interactivity like buttons, menus, image carousels, video and more.

Supercharge WhatsApp for your business

Create rich, AI-driven conversational applications, along the way pulling in the right people and updating the right systems.

Here’s a quick introduction to some of the possibilities and how it works.

Create AI-powered experiences for Alexa.

Creating intelligent experiences for Amazon Echo can be done easily through CS2.0’s low-code/no-code tools.

Incorporate natural language understanding (NLU) and intent-recognition and create anything from basic Alexa commands to dynamic interactive experiences that complete tasks.

CS2.0 makes its easy for you to bring your own communication channels.

What does that mean? It means that if your company is already committed to a provider (for SMS, voice, etc), you can plug that provider account into your CS2.0 solutions.

AI + your provider = smarter solutions.



Patterns make implementing best practices possible – without starting from scratch, without coding and without reinventing the wheel.

Patterns are templates created by, other CS2.0 users and partners to give you an implementable starting point for automating your communications and tasks.

They can be found in our shared library.

Signature Patterns are templates created by recognized leaders with specific industry or domain expertise.

Why start from square one with creating a recruiting bot, when you can use a Signature Pattern made by a global leader in talent-acquisition from a publicly traded company?

Every team has unique needs.

You can create your own custom patterns to equip your team with a templated head start. Help others in your company uphold your organization’s unique version of best practices – without having to start from square-one.


Designer/Builder allows you to quickly deploy conversational applications and automated processes on any communication channel that is open to 3rd party control (SMS, Facebook Messenger, Phone, Email, Web-Chat, Slack, Whatsapp, Amazon Echo, etc).

The powerful combination of Designer/Builder’s drag and drop UI plus the incredibly flexible meta-UI for developers allows teams to move very quickly in creating useful automation.

Action Desk allows users to customize dashboards and reporting metrics based on what is relevant to their needs.

Adapt and configure to fit changing business needs. The use of AI can also customize the experience, and these self-learning, smart, automated tools can offer suggestions to the agent and monitor things to make agents more productive. Action Desk also creates a simple interface that hides complexities and minimizes visual noise.

Since integrations are generally the biggest barrier of entry for creating and managing any sophisticated, data-driven solution, has made things easy with the Files and Data feature.

This tool requires no development and allows you to hook into your own data, or store and update data from your automated solutions. Connect your automated experiences to your APIs or your own files, sheets and data using Files and Data.

Meet an entire world of steps, skills, pre-designed flows and functionalities that are pre-built by, our users and partners. Meta-UI enables technical experts and developers to create custom steps and skills that build on what’s already available in our default step library.

You can find the tools you need to make powerful, flexible, and scalable solutions, and share them with other users on our open source platform. Our shared library of steps and skills is, so you don’t waste time recreating the wheel or using broken code.

We designed our platform around not just creating autonomous experiences but doing it with the option of having a Human-in-the-Loop (HiTL) – AKA machines and humans working together seamlessly.

Enjoy fluid cross-platform automation, interacting directly with customers, or support your AI and conversational applications in realtime as the human in the loop. Seamless integration with Designer/Builder gives you unparalleled control over the timing and structure of human involvement in your automated conversations.


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We’re democratizing access to the latest innovations in machine learning and conversational experiences.

Non developers and developers alike can build complex solutions or utilize templated solutions from a shared library.