Who we are and why we're here

What does do?

We exist to enable you, your team and company to create your own AI agents that elevate employee and customer experience. We call these agents Intelligent Digital Workers (IDWs), and they can be trained on tons of customizable skills. 

What is an AI agent?

AI agents are multimodal, predictive AI systems that leverage next-word prediction capabilities of LLMs but applied to predicting actions rather than just predicting what word come next. They're trained to not just predict actions, but also to execute them, and while keeping a human in the loop.

“ exists on the fundamental belief that we can directly impact capacity for all humans, regardless of their experience, education or resources, to do more of what we do best and find the most meaningful – creating. Our pride isn’t in what we built, but what it makes possible for others to create.”

Robb Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO

Who are we?

We’re a team of over 200 mathematicians, data scientists, UI/UX analysts, AI scientists, engineers, anthropologists and linguists that have been hard at work for over five years to make companies more self driving. 

Without DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), there would be no Like Siri, our origins can be traced back to a DARPA initiative that evolved into over five years of research and development eventually resulting in the GSX platform you see today.


Having designed and deployed thousands of enterprise conversational AI solutions, our deep familiarity with creating successful, secure user-centered product experiences is unparalleled. principals and founders bring an exceptional depth of experience, having lead industry defining software experiences for innovative organizations like Adobe, Boeing, Nike, PepsiCo, National Geographic, American Red Cross, The Office of The National Director of Intelligence, eBay and many others.


Working a parallel track with Siri’s founding team to tackle complex obstacles to conversational AI adoption, the visionaries behind our platform also have exceptionally deep roots in user centered research, design and technology for innovative product experiences.


Our platform was born as an R&D project in parallel with our founder’s previous project; one of the pioneering “UX agencies” which, before being acquired by WPP/Ogilvy, competed with the likes of IDEO and Frog.


Our leadership is comprised of our founder’s pioneering UX roots, authors of the first bestselling book on the subject of conversational AI (see “Age of Invisible Machines“), co-hosts of the most popular conversational AI podcast in the world, Invisible Machines, as well as Deloitte principals who lead a global conversational AI practice, executive leadership from the telephony industry, Sr. leadership in network security, product management innovators in healthcare, machine learning and high tech.

What are our values and mission?

Our mission is to enable mass-adoption of creating and using conversational applications by simplifying complex conversational design and deployment. We want anyone, regardless of technical background, education and resources, to be able to create or use  sophisticated conversational applications that get real work done.


Why is that important to us? 

“I believe in people and their ability to find the right path. When it comes to AI, and even AGI, that still applies, but they’re going to need help. This platform is what we can contribute to that – it’s the best way we can help people to help themselves in creating responsible, ethical AI that actually improves lives.Robb Wilson, Founder and CEO


We synthesized and analyzed data from the over 1.5 billion conversations processed in 2022 by the over 10,000 bots built on the alpha release of our platform. We’ve incorporated our findings with the latest user experience design-thinking to offer our GSX platform, which is built from the ground up to facilitate creation of the most advanced, multimodal AI agents, chat bots and voice experiences. 

We think you’ll be surprised by what you can create.