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The first cognitive infrastructure built for teams orchestrating AI agents.

What does it take to deploy generative AI at scale?

Three layers of technology are integral to generative AI deployments.


OneReach.ai offers end to end solutions for the Orchestration (2) and Interface (3) layers. Our open, flexible platform also lets organizations use best of breed Infrastructure (1) technologies to suit their specific technology needs. The result is streamlined creation and fluid management of advanced conversational AI solutions.


1. Infrastructure

Foundational technologies: databases, Large Language Models (LLMs), AI models, and other essential backend services that support and power AI functionalities.

2. Orchestration

Management and coordination of underlying technologies in the infrastructure layer. Facilitates efficient data flow, task execution, and resource allocation across AI systems.

3. User Interface

Enables users to interact with capabilities across channels: voice interfaces, graphical user interfaces, web chat, SMS, platforms like Teams, WhatsApp, and Slack, etc



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