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Freedom to safely create and scale any actions for GPTs.

Open AI’s GPTs offering provides the ability to deeply customize ChatGPT.

An “action” as described by OpenAI, “allow(s) GPTs to integrate external data or interact with the real-world… granting developers greater control over the model and how their APIs are called.”


Securely connect GPTs to databases, your CRM, EHR, train them to generate invoices and facilitate collections, or usher new employees or customers through multi-modal, conversational onboarding experiences across multiple channels. Integrate customer histories to conversationally support contact center agents, or facilitate e-commerce orders.

Your imagination
should be your only limitation.

You just need the infrastructure, time and expertise to securely create and scale your company’s custom GPT actions.

What you need is the freedom to safely create and scale any actions for GPTs.

GSX is a complete ecosystem of sophisticated no-code tools for hosting, creating, analyzing, iterating, and scaling secure actions, or “skills” for your GPTs:

Create, iterate and analyze deeply custom actions for your GPTs

Operationalize in minutes

Operate across all communication channels

Leverage any data, APIs or system of record


Easily swap in best-in-class AI technologies and systems for each use case

Put yourself in an adaptable, scalable position for creating systemic impact with your AI strategy.

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