As the technologies surrounding conversational AI continue to evolve, there’s been a spike in interest around AI agents. AI agents represent a powerful force multiplier for businesses, but it’s critical to understand their true nature first.


For years, we’ve been orchestrating multiple AI agents to collaborate and swarm around complex use cases. Read our whitepaper to learn how to succeed with our multi-agent approach.

What is an AI Agent?

AI Agents are digital teammates that people can collaborate with using natural language. To be truly useful, there are specific traits that AI Agents need:

AI agents should be available on any channel, at any time, in any language

AI agents don’t have actual agency unless they can collaborate with other AI agents and humans across departments

AI agents should have kills that can be shared and reused by multiple AI agents in other departments within your organization. For example, the core functionalities of a scheduling AI agent that polls people for their availability could also be used by an AI agent gathering feedback around employee satisfaction.

Using orchestration platforms, organizations can design their own AI agents that are specific to their needs.

Generative Studio X has no- and low-code tools for building highly customizable AI agents that share data and skills across an organization. Collaborative and composable AI agents like this are called Intelligent Digital Workers (IDWs) and they turn the predictive power of generative tools into real action.

OneReach.ai CEO and co-founder Robb Wilson envisioned the moment we’re in with generative AI and AI agents in the pages of his bestselling book Age of Invisible Machines (Wiley, 2022). In these special episodes of their popular weekly Invisible Machines podcast, Robb and co-author Josh Tyson share an in-depth conversation about AI agents as well as a live demo of AI agents swarming on a complex scheduling task with OneReach.ai Lead Experience Architect Annie Harshberger.

IDWs are Enhanced AI Agents

As shown in the episode of Invisible Machines above, Al agents, or IDWs, are really collections of shared skills and data that can swarm to get real work done at scale, across entire organizations. With GSX, you can orchestrate technologies like generative Al to create conversational experiences on any channel, in any language. IDWs can be created in minutes-experience them firsthand in our interactive demos.

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