“How to save a failing digital transformation” — Raconteur

In a world that is constantly evolving and creating new iterations of experiences and ideas, it’s hard to keep your finger on the pulse every step of the way. New technologies have reached such a level of complexity that it can be hard for executives to keep up with them. Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending guide […]

Data Management Trends

Reliably extracting information from unstructured data! Maybe you’ve heard the truism that 80 percent of business-relevant information lives in unstructured form. Whether the figure is accurate or not, it’s hard to argue that a whole lot of unstructured data lives in chats, e-mails, reports, articles, and recorded conversations. The ability to contextualize and reliably extract […]

One Person’s Trash Code Is Another’s Code Treasure

According to a series of studies, modern coders spend about a third of their jobs actually coding. Another 20% of their week is swallowed up by code maintenance, while the rest is lost to meetings and online distractions. If we estimate all of that code work totals 20 hours a week then multiply that by […]

Single-Serve Software

If you haven’t already, imagine the freedom of letting single-use software tackle mundane, in-the-moment tasks? An event- based ecosystem that ties together threads of graphDB relationality, disposable code, and blockchain, could unleash this very thing. As we’ve already shown at OneReach.ai, interconnected data and self-learning AI open the door to anticipating needs instead of reacting […]

Composable Architecture

You’ve heard of 3D-printed houses, furniture, and even body parts. This hyperautomated “future” tech is already here, but it’s still nascent. And the value has yet to be fully realized. In traditional manufacturing, a factory would deploy machines designed to build specific parts of a product. A table, for instance, would need separate machines to […]