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Robb Wilson’s Thoughts on AI Voice Cloning

Recently, I was asked about voice replication technology and whether there were potential applications in human resource management scenarios, like replicating a CEO’s voice for internal communications. The timing of the question was interesting because the answer ties directly to something I’ve been thinking a lot about: the skeuomorphic phase of conversational design that we’re […]

Combining NLP and NLU to Deliver Real ROI

There’s a common misconception in the marketplace that conversational AI basically comes down to people talking to machines. For anyone eager to capitalize on the opportunities conversational AI affords, this is a dangerous line of thinking. Part of the confusion arises from a fundamental misunderstanding of the technologies that allow machines to understand human language, […]

Voice Bots: Buy or Build?

Should companies buy voice bots or build them? Let’s dive into the core components of an effective voice bot, what should be configured (and by whom), and how you should consider integrating bots into the customer process.

Software 2.0 – Reinterpreting Software

“If you think of neural networks as a software stack and not just a pretty good classifier, it becomes quickly apparent that they have a huge number of advantages and a lot of potential for transforming software in general.” Reinterpreting the way you understand neural networks will completely change the way you think of software. […]

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