Learn from 10,000+ successes and failures in conversational applications and hyper-automation.

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Watch 85+ lessons from experienced practitioners: stories, idea, successes, failures and practical guidance.


Learning CS2.0 – Basic Training

A Quick Introduction To CS2.0

A quick introduction to using Communication Studio 2.0 (CS2.0) to rapidly deploy conversational AI applications without coding.

CS2.0 ABC’s – An Overview

A prerequisite, this short video will familiarize you with the basic concepts for building any conversational application.

An Introduction To Contact On CS2.0

Get an overview of the basics for establishing contact for your application on communication channels.

CS2.0 103  |  Setting Up Contact

Watch this video to get tactical with understanding how to establish contact on communication channels for your application.

CS2.0 104 | Knowledge Base

In this video you’ll learn how to create a Knowledge Base, and train your conversational application to use it as a resource while interacting with end-users.

CS2.0 104 | Knowledge Base

Learn how to equip your conversational applications with skills, as if you were training a new colleague for doing their job.


Crisis Tools 

Creating an Intelligent Digital Worker in under 30 minutes

Impacts from COVID-19 have caused floods of companies asking us for help with automating employee and customer communications.

This 25-minute webinar is part of our response.

Participants will be equipped with access to the platform, where they’ll be guided through implementing an Intelligent Digital Worker, or IDW, that’s immediately operational 24/7 to help triage portions of customer and staff requests.

Conversational AI

MuleSoft asked the team to go around the chatbot hype and explore intelligent customer and employee experiences

Watch the webinar to learn how to:
– Use MuleSoft in combination with the no-code/low-code conversational AI tools
– Integrate data from 3rd party systems and operate on channels like Slack, SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.
– Boost operational efficiency by automating the known, handing off the unknown, and more.

mulesoft webinar


effective UX book

Effective UI: The Art of Building Great User Experience in Software

We recommend this book if your team is deep-diving into UX concepts and management process for building great digital customer experiences.

Chapters 1-9 cover an important spectrum of the management processes and tools for creating great experiences, from Building the Case for Better UX , Bringing Together a Successful Team, Iterative Development Process and much more.

Transparency note: leadership contributed to this book

Tales of Fails & Giant Whales


Bots aren’t news anymore, but what will the next paradigm – the second generation – look like 5-7 yrs from now and what lessons will we have learned?

2 smart looking guys reveal exactly that in this sample/teaser taken from a private session.

PSA – Washington DC explains DCBot for 311

How long did you think it would be before seeing a public service announcement about AI and conversational applications?

Here is a brief overview Washington DC made to explain a conversational application that their internal team created to support up to 75% of 311 public service request-types.