Case Study. Logistics company improved their customer experience

AUGUST 5, 2021 –


An express delivery/ logistics company (henceforth “The Company”) used to improve their customer experience (CX). The Company is an express delivery and logistic service in the Middle East. They are a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, with services like express courier delivery, freight forwarding, logistics, supply chain management, e-commerce and record management services. The Company believes that investing in and sourcing new technologies in the field of e-commerce in particular is core to a swifter, more efficient movement of goods and services globally and maintaining our market leadership position. Innovation in technology is critical to maintaining their asset-light business model across their global network. 

Problem Description

  • The Company is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions with 12k offices and 60k+ employees. They receive thousands of calls per day, and needed to create an efficient system so that call centers weren’t overwhelmed. Additionally, The Company increases efficiency by telling customers where to pick up their package (rather than delivering to the customers’ personal address). This makes delivery updates and notifications necessary for good CX.

Solution Identification

  • The Company connected with through Vonage. created an IVR solution for The Company that could channel pivot to SMS and WhatsApp. 

Vendor Selection Criteria

  • The Company needed to find an ai vendor with a platform that could easily mold to the complexities of their industry.  They needed a solution that could gracefully pivot channels and handle the linguistic diversity of their customers; including right-to-left alphabets.

Vendor Selection Process

  • The Company interviewed several ai vendors. The majority of vendors offered either a sophisticated platform that was hard to use or a user-friendly platform that couldn’t handle the task at hand. In, The Company found a platform that could handle the complexities of their industry with an intuitive user interface that is easy to learn.


Rollout Planning

  • The Company had several discovery meetings with the UX team from After identifying the issues The Company was facing, the UX team mapped out several mock flows using multilingual, omnichannel IVR. 
  • The Company and spent a month iterating on the UX team’s mock flows and slowly began to expose their clients to’s solution. After two months in beta, the IVR was a resounding success.

Current Status

  • Using an omnichannel solution with multilingual IVR has improved The Company’s efficiency. They now use to handle 70% of their call volume and reduced calls to customer service centers by ~40%. The IVR bot has reduced calls overall by 18-25%.
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