Sharing the Love: Amy Krouse Rosenthal and the Emerging Connection between Author and Reader

Throughout much of history, authors have maintained a distance from readers, their experiences separated by both time and place. As novelist Paolo Coelho noted, writing is “a solitary experience.” The work of the author was often created in isolation—seemingly forged in the rarified air of their literary mountain before being handed down to the waiting […]

Weekly Review: 5/31 Edition

Happy Friday! Here’s our picks for the best customer service, customer experience, bot and mobile articles of the week, in no particular order.

Leading Off Customer Interactions With Positivity

This guest post is written by Jeremy Watkin, Head of Quality at FCR. I’m a huge baseball fan— a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fan to be exact. In baseball, the order in which the players bat is called a “lineup.” The general rule of thumb is that the first batter, or leadoff hitter, is […]