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With the surge of interest surrounding AI agents, many of the tools that they can leverage are also sharing the spotlight. Vision Language Models (VLMs), for example, are machines that can categorize and contextualize information found in photos and video. VLMs offer a whole host of practical benefits to businesses. A VLM can scan, digitize, and validate a paper invoice before adding it to a finance system.

Putting AI Vision to Work

Machines that can make sense of things you show them are able to slash the amount of time it typically takes to process and share information. As a standalone tool, AI Vision has vast use cases that organizations can implement immediately.

  • Turn unstructured data from a picture or printout into structured data
  • Analyze photos and video (and track changes over time)
  • Compile and classify photos in real-time (e.g., home inspection data collection)

These kinds of use cases streamline workflows and free team members up to focus on higher-value tasks. Our AI Vision tool offers an immediate and tangible impact on businesses of all shapes and sizes. This highlights a few ways AI Vision can elevate your work.

More on Vision Language Models

Computer vision is a broad field of AI focused on enabling computers to interpret and understand visual information. VLMs are a more recent development that combine computer vision with natural language processing. These models are designed to understand and generate language about visual content. Key aspects of VLMs include:

They can process both visual and textual inputs

Understanding the relationship between images and their descriptions

Answering questions about images

Generating textual descriptions of images

Creating images based on textual prompts

Our AI Vision tool puts VLMs to work on a whole host of business-ready use cases.

An Agentic Approach to
AI Vision

AI Vision is one of many skills that our platform users can orchestrate within an Al agent. We call these agents Intelligent Digital Workers. IDWs are collections of shared skills (like AI Vision) and data that can swarm to get real work done at scale across entire organizations.


Our Generative Studio X platform makes it easy and intuitive to orchestrate technologies like generative Al to create conversational experiences across any channel and in any language.

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