Morgan Stanley’s Chief Analytics and Data Officer, Jeff McMillan, Shares the Keys to Successful AI Adoption

“We’ve effectively created [..] the most advanced intelligent assistant in financial services. It’s completely trained on Morgan Stanley’s information. ” – Jeff McMillan On a recent episode of Invisible Machines, CEO and co-founder Robb Wilson, and Director of Creative Content Josh Tyson had a conversation with Jeff McMillan, Chief Analytics and Data Officer at […]

Say Hello to NLU Freedom takes a different approach to NLU – learn why we have an award winning philosophy.

Journey To An Intelligent Ecosystem

This will be a complicated journey fraught with difficult decisions, but it also offers willing organizations a chance to reflect on the outdated processes and systems that have been holding them back for years. Once you’re familiar with the terms associated with intelligent automation, you can explore the ways in which IDWs evolve and begin […]