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No More Trying To Remember Passwords

In 2020, the average tech user had a dizzying 70-80 passwords. Software exists to help us manage passwords and it, too, is accessible via PW. They feel inescapable. Even more—so given that a 2019 Google poll uncovered a startling reality: 4 in 10 Americans have copped to having their information compromised online. A rash of […]

The Death Of The Call Center

In the spring of 2020, as the pandemic began to intensify, CEO Rob Locascio of LivePerson, a company that develops conversational AI software, heralded the demise of call centers. “What we ushered in is, really, the death of the call center,” he said in a Mad Money interview with Jim Cramer. “I’ve been talking about […]

Everybody Must Get Scored

In 2014, China introduced a controversial method of ensuring its citizens were law-abiding. The “Social Credit Score,” as it became known, tracked individuals’ actions within society and issued rewards or punish- ment according to how law-abiding they were. A do-gooder picking up trash might earn extra points, giving them access to special events or VIP […]

Lessons In Hyperdisruption

At its best, technology improves the efficiency, productivity, and convenience of everyday processes while getting out of the way. As Bill Gates put it: “The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” While technological innovations have arrived piecemeal […]

How Can My Organization Hyper-Automate?

In order to hyperautomate within your organization, you might need a strategy for co-creation that would involves everyone in your workforce. You also might need a platform to build your ecosystem that allows anyone to design a conversational experience without having to write code. Once you get started, be prepared to fail fast and often […]

Here’s What Successful Hyper-Automation Can Look Like

As a company expands and evolves their ecosystem they’re able to automate more and more tasks of greater and greater complexity. This increasingly frees people’s time to work on more creative endeavors, like problem solving and intelligently automating additional workflows. The headstart that Ant Financial enjoys by having successfully implemented conversational AI and machine learning is […]

Composable Architecture

You’ve heard of 3D-printed houses, furniture, and even body parts. This hyperautomated “future” tech is already here, but it’s still nascent. And the value has yet to be fully realized. In traditional manufacturing, a factory would deploy machines designed to build specific parts of a product. A table, for instance, would need separate machines to […]

It’s The Internet Of Things, But For Real This Time

Maybe you remember all the fuss about the internet of things some ten years ago. The excitement wasn’t misplaced—the prospect of every type of electronic appliance being connected is plenty titillating—but the premise lacked a main ingredient. There was no ecosystem in which all of these connected devices could truly connect. Maybe a smart fridge […]

Hyper-Disruption Isn’t Coming, It’s Already Here

We’re nearing a convergence point that has already begun to reshape the experiences customers and employees have with businesses—putting massive stores of data into action in ways that will fundamentally alter our relationship with technology.

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