Cryptocurrency On Steroids

Smart wallets date back a few years, but adoption has been speedy. According to Statista, 49% of Americans were smart wallet users in 2017 while the number of near field communication (NFC) users (Apple Pay, Google Pay) numbered a whopping 64 million. Widespread tho it be, we haven’t begun to realize the potential of this […]

Everybody Must Get Scored

In 2014, China introduced a controversial method of ensuring its citizens were law-abiding. The “Social Credit Score,” as it became known, tracked individuals’ actions within society and issued rewards or punish- ment according to how law-abiding they were. A do-gooder picking up trash might earn extra points, giving them access to special events or VIP […]

If You Had Your Own J.A.R.V.I.S.: What Artificial Intelligence In Business Might Be Like

What’s the coolest part of the Iron Man movies? The elaborate fight scenes? The dream team-ups? Tony Stark’s acerbic wit? At OneReach, some of us think the coolest part of the Iron Man movies is the artificial intelligence that helps power Tony Stark’s armor and business operations. That’s right—we’re talking about J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony’s occasionally sassy […]

Suffering from Vendor Fatigue? Here’s How Consolidation Can Help

One of our clients has seven telephony providers–we are the eighth. Thankfully, we’re helping them consolidate. Over the last six weeks, we’ve been able to migrate 60 percent of their traffic to the OneReach platform. Good for us, right? But even better for them.