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Robb Wilson’s Thoughts on AI Voice Cloning

Recently, I was asked about voice replication technology and whether there were potential applications in human resource management scenarios, like replicating a CEO’s voice for internal communications. The timing of the question was interesting because the answer ties directly to something I’ve been thinking a lot about: the skeuomorphic phase of conversational design that we’re […]

Ethics Of Experiential AI

“We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.” I had the extremely good fortune of growing up under the tutelage of family friend and neighbor (and renowned Canadian philoso- pher) Marshall McLuhan. A man who more or less predicted the World Wide Web 30 years before it emerged, McLuhan uttered countless impactful and […]

Conversational Interfaces Scale in Ways GUIs Never Will

Attempts at scaling GUIs, like Sharepoint and Salesforce, ultimately revealed the hard truth that a UI with a hundred tabs designed by as many people is even worse to navigate than it sounds. Salesforce acquired Slack so it could rebuild around a unifying.

With Conversational AI, Focus on User Experience

Deloitte’s Managing Director of their global practice in Applied AI says “organizations can benefit from approaching conversational AI with human-centered design rather than process-centric checklists.”

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