How to Provide the Ultimate Contact Center Experience

Providing the best customer experience can be a daunting task, but Whitepages’ Jordan Reynolds has a few ideas on how to do it. In his blog post, Reynolds writes that customers are looking for a personal, one-on-one interaction, with a small-town, coffee house kind of feel. Reynolds had the chance to talk with OneReach’s Kevin […] Small Businesses Using Big Tools

Customer service is a strategic advantage, especially for small organizations who rely on word of mouth to grow their business. But having a strategy is not enough- it’s important to use tools that empower every employee to provide customers with the service they deserve.

OneReach Wins Best Software Solution @ Denver Biz Tech Expo

Exciting news (again!) OneReach just won “Best Software Solution” at today’s Denver Biz Tech Expo. We’re honored to have received this award! This is awesome feedback for our team and adds to our belief that texting is capable of re-energizing the business world. The Denver Biz Tech Expo is an annual event highlighting the latest […]

OneReach Wins “More Disruption Please” CEO Pitch Contest

Exciting news! OneReach just won the pitch contest (okay, tied for first place) at the “More Disruption Please” conference being held by Athena Health in Maine. We are proud to have co-won the contest alongside Opargo’s Paul Wiley! This is a huge honor and just adds to our belief that healthcare today is ready for digital innovation.

OneReach With Twilio Provides MMS For Businesses

You’ve been able to call a business and text a business. Now, prepare to MMS a business. With Twilio’s new MMS, businesses can now send and receive multimedia files on standard U.S. phone numbers. OneReach strengthens this service by adding MMS to existing voice and text flows; customers can download files like help guides without needing to reach an agent.

OneReach Proudly Supports The USA Pro Cycling Challenge

The only thing more exciting than hosting The 2014 USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado is having it supported by the OneReach platform! The US Pro Cycling Challenge is leveraging the OneReach SMS Contact Center Solution to make it easy for spectators to obtain key event information by simply texting the word “info” to 70700.

OneReach Partner Named ICMI Thought Leader

OneReach’s very own Elias Parker was recently named one of ICMI’s Top 50 Contact Center Thought Leaders on Twitter. If you aren’t following him on Twitter, you should be! Elias is an active member and thought leader in the emerging communication ecosystem; he also regularly contributes to each week’s #ICMIchat. Check out some of his […]

[STUDY]–Two out of three customers would rather text you than call you

If you hate being put on hold for customer service, you’re not alone. A recent study conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by OneReach found that 81% of Americans think it’s frustrating being tied to a phone or computer to wait for customer service help. Among those who use text messaging, 64% prefer text messaging over voice to […]

OneReach Integrates with SnapEngage

Customer support centers may see a new “untethered” channel for solving issues, as OneReach recently integrated their system with the SnapEngage web-chat client, providing a way for users to text with live support agents. According to product manager, Jeremy Balzer, OneReach now allows correspondence between end-user texts and unique SnapEngage web-chat sessions. “This feature seemed like a natural […]