Everything You Need to Know About AI Agents

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“How to save a failing digital transformation” — Raconteur

In a world that is constantly evolving and creating new iterations of experiences and ideas, it’s hard to keep your finger on the pulse every step of the way. New technologies have reached such a level of complexity that it can be hard for executives to keep up with them. Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending guide […]

How Can My Organization Hyper-Automate?

In order to hyperautomate within your organization, you might need a strategy for co-creation that would involves everyone in your workforce. You also might need a platform to build your ecosystem that allows anyone to design a conversational experience without having to write code. Once you get started, be prepared to fail fast and often […]

It’s The Internet Of Things, But For Real This Time

Maybe you remember all the fuss about the internet of things some ten years ago. The excitement wasn’t misplaced—the prospect of every type of electronic appliance being connected is plenty titillating—but the premise lacked a main ingredient. There was no ecosystem in which all of these connected devices could truly connect. Maybe a smart fridge […]

Conversational Interfaces Scale in Ways GUIs Never Will

Attempts at scaling GUIs, like Sharepoint and Salesforce, ultimately revealed the hard truth that a UI with a hundred tabs designed by as many people is even worse to navigate than it sounds. Salesforce acquired Slack so it could rebuild around a unifying.

Microservices at the Core

Microservice architecture allows for rapid, frequent and reliable delivery of advanced applications. With microservices, an application is structured as a collection of services that are self-contained (versioning, maintenance and testing in one place), independently deployable, scalable and reusable. By breaking down a skill into its component services and then breaking those down into their component […]

Software 2.0 – Reinterpreting Software

“If you think of neural networks as a software stack and not just a pretty good classifier, it becomes quickly apparent that they have a huge number of advantages and a lot of potential for transforming software in general.” Reinterpreting the way you understand neural networks will completely change the way you think of software. […]

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