Why Texting Is a Great Match for Workforce Optimization

The rise of messaging for business communication has taken the world by storm, and your contact center needs to be ready to respond. But first, you need to make sure you’re responding on the right channels. Research done by Harris Poll and commissioned by OneReach found that over 60% of customers would rather text than […]

7 Companies Whose Customer Service Makes Us Swoon

Last week, a bunch of fellow #ICMIchat-ers and I met to discuss our customer service crushes, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Some of the regular suspects were mentioned (Amazon and Zappos, naturally), but it got me to thinking—what are some other brands that are doing customer service really well? What really makes them great, […]

3 Things to Consider When Building Your Own Communication Solution

Empowerment. That is the word that comes to mind when one considers how recent technological changes have affected a business’ ability to create compelling communication experiences. Despite the fact that the basic tools for making a phone call haven’t changed much in the last 150 years (even your smartphone still offers you a standard numeric […]

7 Data-Backed Reasons Why You Should Let Customers Text Customer Service

In today’s world, mobile customer service isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. In fact, over 60% of businesses think mobile customer service is a competitive differentiator, and over two-thirds of companies have “embraced” mobile as a customer service channel. In addition, the customer support tech research company Software Advice has found that 60% of people use mobile […]

How Cross-Functional Support Benefits Your Business

Startups can be crazy, exciting places to work. While it can often feel like there are more balls in the air than hands to catch them, somehow everything ends up getting done. This is because, many times in startups, people from one department jump into another department to tackle the tasks at hand. The collaborative, […]

SMS Customer Support: Mobile as the Preferred Service Channel

According to a recent Gartner report, “by 2015, at least 60% of Internet users will opt for mobile customer service applications as their first option.” This is a significant shift that brings with it enormous challenges and opportunities. Companies and brands that honor this “mobile first” preference must understand the intimate relationship that people have […]

How Text Tech Support Can Cut Back On Costs

Companies generally provide tech support through phone or email, so when some companies began providing it through text messages, there was some anxiety. According to practicalecommerce.com, there are 4.3 billion people carrying SMS-enabled devices, and of those, 96% send text messages on a regular basis. Those who have used text-based tech support as opposed to the phone-based […]

SMS Support: When an App Isn’t Enough

Having a “mobile strategy” goes beyond just having a mobile application and mobile friendly website. It means using all of the capabilities of today’s mobile phones and understanding the role that these devices play in the lives of your customers. How much of a role? Not to get too personal, but more people would rather […]

The Benefits of Text-Based Tech Support

If your company is one of the many now opting to provide tech support through text, you may be anxious about implementing this new technology. There is good news, however. First of all, integrating text is likely way more simple and straightforward than you think (as you can read about here). Secondly, the benefits of […]