How to Provide the Ultimate Contact Center Experience

Providing the best customer experience can be a daunting task, but Whitepages’ Jordan Reynolds has a few ideas on how to do it. In his blog post, Reynolds writes that customers are looking for a personal, one-on-one interaction, with a small-town, coffee house kind of feel. Reynolds had the chance to talk with OneReach’s Kevin Fredrick, who pointed out that “customers just want to feel known over the phone” and that context helps provide that.

Reynolds could definitely relate:

[Context] will hopefully avoid the dreaded customer experience of trying to explain to a contact center agent how to spell their name or address (agents regularly struggle to transcribe my hometown, Sammamish, WA, so I know the pain). All of these hurdles can be avoided by providing your contact center reps with the right information at the point of interaction.

Take a look at the rest of the article to see what other ways you can provide the best customer experience and download the free Harris Interactive report to learn more about how customers want service delivered.

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