Coca-Cola Ditches Voicemail for Text at HQ


December 23, 2014

Coca-Cola Ditches Voicemail for Text at HQ

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One of America’s biggest corporations is shaking up its internal communications.

Coca-Cola employees are being encouraged to text one another to increase productivity, rather than make outgoing calls and leaving messages. If anyone tries leave a message for a colleague, they’re stopped by an automated message encouraging them to try alternative forms of communication.

Voicemail is becoming increasingly obsolete in the workplace as young and old employees shy away from it. Only 6% of employees at Coca-Cola opted to keep their voicemail.

The switch to text will save the company $100,000 a year, a drop in the bottle for a large corporation like Coca-Cola. Still, most of today’s workers don’t have time to listen to an hour’s worth of voicemails, and that’s where the real savings come in.

At OneReach, we think texting is an incredibly value communication tool inside and outside the office, and we’re excited to see Coca-Cola recognize texting’s potential.

Check out the full article on Bloomberg, and don’t forget to download our free Harris report about America’s preference for texting.

Photo by Flickr user Asta Adamontye.

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