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OneReach.ai leads the pack; “in a class of its own”


January 21, 2020

OneReach.ai leads the pack; “in a class of its own”

UX Magazine assessed each vendor on Gartner’s list of conversational AI platforms and found OneReach.ai to be "in a class of its own."

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It was a proud moment when Gartner listed OneReach.ai as one of the top 16 conversational AI platforms in the world (out of over 1,500), in both 2018 and 2019.

More recently, UX Magazine (a widely circulated publication) assessed each vendor on Gartner’s list, evaluating them against specific criteria: channels, speed, flexibility, pre-requisites/inclusiveness. With over 300,000 followers, UX Magazine is one of the most, if not the most, respected publication for UX, design and technology professionals around the world.

Their findings concluded OneReach.ai to be the the leading conversational AI platform on Gartner’s list.

This coming from such a well respected voice in the UX community is huge. This, plus knowing how important their criteria is to actually creating conversational applications, leaves us feeling very proud. This is a great testament to how our product team’s pride isn’t in what they build so much as what it enables anyone to create.

Check out UX Magazine’s breakdown for yourself to see how we rank against the big players like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon.

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