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OneReach Featured in CRM Magazine


April 6, 2015

OneReach Featured in CRM Magazine

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Exciting news!

OneReach CEO Rich Weborg was recently featured in an article from the April issue of CRM Magazine, “Text Takes Precedence as a Customer Service Preference.” In it, he discusses the history of text messaging within business, the advances made in today’s text market, and best practices surrounding the text channel.

‘When texting started, it was expensive for businesses to get started, and it was heavily regulated,’ Weborg says. ‘What we’ve been seeing over the last few years is that it’s becoming flexible and cheap for businesses to set up. The price is so low now that any business can have access to [text messaging],’ he adds.

At OneReach, we believe that text messaging is a powerful customer service tool , and we’re excited that the service industry is recognizing its value.

Check out the full article here, and don’t forget to download our 2014 Harris Report on customers’ preference for text message in customer service!

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