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OneReach Integrates with SnapEngage


November 29, 2013

OneReach Integrates with SnapEngage

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Customer support centers may see a new “untethered” channel for solving issues, as OneReach recently integrated their system with the SnapEngage web-chat client, providing a way for users to text with live support agents.

According to product manager, Jeremy Balzer, OneReach now allows correspondence between end-user texts and unique SnapEngage web-chat sessions. “This feature seemed like a natural progression for us, given our expertise in business-customer texting,” said Jeremy. “We already support Interactive Text Response (ITR), so adding live-chat as another end point just made sense.”

OneReach CEO, Rich Weborg, added, “We are really excited about the opportunities this will bring to many companies who already use SnapEngage. Those businesses can now easily tie their OneReach number to their SnapEngage account and solve customer issues the same way they always have.”

One of the motivations behind the feature, according to Jeremy, was a desire to make customer support “untethered”: “I love using web-chat for my own customer support issues, but there are times when I wish I could continue that conversation without being tied to my computer or having to download some app for my phone.”

While OneReach is one of a quickly growing number of solutions for text-enabling a business, Rich says that their text-to-chat integration is different from the rest in that it is tied to the OneReach Sms Conversation Engine. “Our product doesn’t just allow someone to text a business, it allows the business to easily put rules in place to automate the texting experience when it’s needed. For example, a company can automatically return basic store hours and location information to customers who need just that, while routing others to live agents with specific support issues.”

OneReach was founded in 2007 to provide affordable custom inbound and outbound phone and text solutions to businesses without the need to hire developers.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with someone at OneReach, please call (303) 974-7351 or e-mail sales@onereach.com.

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