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Voice + AI Is Coming To The Workplace Loud And Clear | Forbes


July 7, 2020

Voice + AI Is Coming To The Workplace Loud And Clear | Forbes

Conversational tech is becoming incredibly valuable to businesses as the most efficient way of communication.

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In a recent article by Forbes, their opinion on voice technology in the workforce is very clear: conversational technology is becoming incredibly valuable to businesses since it’s the most efficient form of communication.

“As we gradually use voice as the standard medium of interaction between ourselves and technology in our personal lives, we will start to see an increasing demand for similar technologies in our professional lives. Steve McLendon, news product lead for voice at Google argues that ‘we see voice as the ubiquitous ‘always with you’ platform that allows you to do things in the real world.’ As a data point, Gartner predicts 25 percent of workers will use some voice-based technology daily by 2021. That’s not surprising given that the percentage of CIOs already using, or immediately planning to use, virtual customer assistants rose 10 points to 31 percent between 2018 and 2019.”

Voice and AI are proving to be a powerful duo in areas from recording and analyzing sales calls to healthcare applications. Although the technology at our fingertips is nearly endless, voice and language still offer ways to enhance conversational technology.

“It’s almost paradoxical that while we have a myriad of communication tools like email, Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS and others, the single most efficient way to transfer information is still by voice. Take for example, explaining a complicated issue or having a difficult conversation; speaking live is always the best medium. Language is, in fact, the original, most important tool setting our species apart from any other. It empowers our most complex capabilities and underlies the achievements of civilization.”

Read the full article from Forbes to learn more.

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