ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE – Multimodal Voice Experience

OCTOBER 28, 2021 –

Here’s example of a complex multimodal user experience built on the platform. This is a roadside assistance solution that one customer has in production. Despite a lot of noise on the road, the virtual assistant recognized the intent, determined his location, and sent the nearest tow there.

This voice solution was built end-to-end on the platform, making use of our platform’s 10,000+ feature library and voice capabilities.

Here is the short-list of features that were used in this solution:

Speech recognition providers

Define text to speech settings

Control how messages are spoken (using SSML, but an advanced or code mode editor is also available)

Conditional and random messages to make it less robotic

Set up synonyms to handle those different responses or use prebuilt sets

Configure handling of recognized answers and many others.

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