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Interactive messenger for building intelligent conversations


RWC is an innovative chat bot messenger that can be customized in a various ways to match the client needs. It has a huge library of prebuild message templates and can be powered with AI and knowledge base.

Design a conversation

Whether from scratch or from templates, we have a flexible library of message templates, a set of AI powered logic steps, and a quick support for your solutions.

Customize the chat

Match colors, logos, and other brand customization of the bot. RWC makes it easy to provide a seamless conversation by offering a variety of customization options.

Choose a presence

Add RWC to your website as chat widget, integrate it in any place of the page, or use it in Apps. The RWC messenger is responsive for desktop and mobile devices.

All tools to engage the customer

Choose any message template

Use our library of different prebuilt message templates to create a right message that will reach the customer.

Customize chat appearance

Match colors, logos, and other brand customization of the bot. RWC makes it easy to provide a seamless conversation by offering a variety of customization options.

Control conversation context

Global Actions - an instrument to control and change conversation context with understanding user’s intent. Assign global commands to specific words and trigger the command once the word is submitted.

Analyze data from user

Collect and analyze data from user in the chat with OneReach’s reporting engine to keep up the most effective user’s journey.

AI-Enabled Chat: Machine Learning and Generative AI

RWC uses machine learning to provide personalized responses to each message, making the communication process more efficient and effective. We combine our Knowledge model base with modern AI solutions like GPT-3 to undersatnd the context of the message and provide the personalized conversation.

Multi-Channel Integration

Communicate with users across multiple platforms or channels, such as websites, social media, messaging apps, and more. With multi-channel integration, users can interact with the chatbot on their preferred platform or channel, and the chatbot can seamlessly switch between different channels without disrupting the conversation.

No code / Low code

With no need for coding skills, you can customize every aspect of the chat, including the color scheme, font style, and even the chatbot’s responses. Create decision trees, define branching paths, and set up automated responses based on user inputs.

Build unique communication

Rich Web Chat creates intelligently automated web chat experiences that are rich with AI-powered dynamic components like buttons, drop-downs and free-form text, image carousels, video and more.

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Other services used in RWC

RWC could be integrated with different tools to empower your conversational experience.


Speed up time to deployment by looping in humans on your team to manage your web chat bots in realtime.

Intelligent digital worker

Use a digital copy of an employee instead of a bot. Enable it to perform tasks, make decisions, and improve overall efficiency.

Knowledge model

Create phrase/ response pairs and train the bot to understand the user’s needs through a variety of response types.

Data bases

Store, organize, and manage ontologies for tracking data, predicting trends and behavior across the customer journey.


We offer comprehensive training and support to help you get started with RWC. Our team of experts is available to guide you through the setup process and provide ongoing support as needed.

Building with RWC as a Channel

This is a course that will show you how to get started building your Rich Web Chat solution. We will go over the different steps and their functionalities, as well as embedding and customization options for your bot.

Try this starter flow

Download predefined conversation flow, customize and modify it according to your specific requirements and use cases.

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