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Meet the Intelligent Digital Worker, Your New AI Teammate

With all of the hype and noise surrounding generative AI, it’s hard to know how this powerful technology fits into individual organizations—meeting the individual needs of their employees and customers. The answer is complex, but building a fleet of Intelligent Digital Workers, or IDWs, is a strategic goal that’s achievable using tools that are currently […]

Robb Wilson’s Thoughts on Hyperautomation and Intelligent Mesh

OneReach.ai founder Robb Wilson is a UX pioneer with more than 20 years of experience working in design and technology. He has many useful thoughts about many things—conversational AI in particular. Some of those thoughts have been collected in his book from Wiley, Age of Invisible Machines: A Practical Guide to Growing a Hyperautomated Ecosystem of Intelligent […]

When RPA Doesn’t Work For Process Automation, Hyperautomation Comes Forward

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) works for basic, repetitive tasks automation. Still, it has significant tactical and strategical limitations that make its usage less effective and cause even more mess in organizations. Mike Fitzmaurice wrote in the recent techradar.com article: Contrary to its name, RPA is not actually designed for “process” automation at all. The key […]

Spending Quality Time With IDWs

As an organization’s skills, conversational AI, and ecosystem evolve, IDWs start to feel more like colleagues. They have skills that are helpful in collaboration or independently, and they can get things done. Think of an IDW as a new colleague in training. Imagine the IDW is in HR, training with Yvonne, a department supervisor, to […]

What Are The Terms For An Intelligent Ecosystem?

It’s useful to become familiar with the terms surrounding intelligent automation. As should be expected with a complex set of emergent technologies, there aren’t universally agreed upon terms or definitions used to describe intelligent automation. We’re not trying to dictate what’s right or wrong, we’re simply explaining what we mean when we say what we […]

Journey To An Intelligent Ecosystem

This will be a complicated journey fraught with difficult decisions, but it also offers willing organizations a chance to reflect on the outdated processes and systems that have been holding them back for years. Once you’re familiar with the terms associated with intelligent automation, you can explore the ways in which IDWs evolve and begin […]

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