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Better-than-human experiences

I often hear people saying that the goal of technology is to match human capability and efficiency. The real goal should be to outperform humans. Humans might be impressed with a facsimile, but they’re not likely to rely on a replicated version of something they can already do themselves. Sure, self-driving cars are cool, but […]

One Person’s Trash Code Is Another’s Code Treasure

According to a series of studies, modern coders spend about a third of their jobs actually coding. Another 20% of their week is swallowed up by code maintenance, while the rest is lost to meetings and online distractions. If we estimate all of that code work totals 20 hours a week then multiply that by […]

You Don’t Need An App for That

In July of 2013 Toby Shapshak, the South African speaker, strategist and editor of Stuff Magazine, did a TED talk called You Don’t Need An App For That. Business leaders, innovators and experience designers would soon realize how profound this TED talk was to the rest of the world. Shapshak’s astute observations and message to […]

How Cross-Functional Support Benefits Your Business

Startups can be crazy, exciting places to work. While it can often feel like there are more balls in the air than hands to catch them, somehow everything ends up getting done. This is because, many times in startups, people from one department jump into another department to tackle the tasks at hand. The collaborative, […]

4 Benefits of Consolidating Channels Into One Platform

Providing a sophisticated communication experience can be a difficult task. Today’s technology has advanced so much in such a short period of time that businesses have to account for channel proliferation (voice, SMS, social, etc.), multiple touch points (web, contact centers, branches, etc.), the different tasks being performed (reminders, customer support, confirmations, orders, etc.) and […]

5 More Benefits of Business Texting

We’ve spoken before about how awesome texting can be for your business: it’s brief but to the point, and cheaper without skimping on the essentials. Still, a lot of businesses find it hard to get things right over texting, or to even get things going at all. Some are worried about adding a new channel, […]

Suffering from Vendor Fatigue? Here’s How Consolidation Can Help

One of our clients has seven telephony providers–we are the eighth. Thankfully, we’re helping them consolidate. Over the last six weeks, we’ve been able to migrate 60 percent of their traffic to the OneReach platform. Good for us, right? But even better for them.

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