December 16, 2021

One Person’s Trash Code Is Another’s Code Treasure

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According to a series of studies, modern coders spend about a third of their jobs actually coding. Another 20% of their week is swallowed up by code maintenance, while the rest is lost to meetings and online distractions. If we estimate all of that code work totals 20 hours a week then multiply that by the numbers of coders in the U.S. (roughly 4 million), that’s 80 million hours of coding done each week.

A hefty chunk of all of that code ends up in the garbage, not necessarily because it was bad, but because it no longer served a specific, in-the-moment need.

What if, instead of chucking those 1s and 0s, they were neatly deposited in a blockchain environment and tagged so they could be easily found by other developers? Even better: the code, broken into readily deployable or plug- and-play snippets, could be nabbed by anyone who wanted to create their own program. This is code democratization, StackExchange hyperdisrupted.

If you were planning a move and needed to track all of your stuff in your house, it’s unlikely that you’d whip up a spreadsheet and manually enter in all of the necessary details, cell by cell.

With access to code snippets, however, you could dig in the blockchain for programs that automate the organization of a move. You find a couple that meet your specific needs—one that hunts down movers and schedules the move and another that allows you to take pictures of items in your house and automatically have them recorded to a database with corresponding labels like “glassware” and “kitchen.” Put these together and you have a tailored program that streamlines moving tasks.

The good news is you can easily share this information with others. If you decide packing yourself is too much of a time suck, for example, you could send your home goods log to the moving company and ask them to pack everything in boxes with room and item labels according to your records. With the move already scheduled, it’s just a matter of waiting until the movers arrive.

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